The Anti-Broadcast #2.1

Featuring the music of Adaline and Rammstein, discussing the silent WWIII and Men’s Issues. I ask the question: “What does it mean to be a man?” which I will leave open for the coming year. Get in touch with the show and let us know what it means to be a man in this time […]

The Anti-Podcast #01 featuring Kobevader

Our friend and fellow author at The Daily Llama and Blue Sentinel, Kobevader sits in for an impromptu podcast (originally aired @ 10:15PM GMT on 09/11/2014) to share music and his thoughts. We pepper the spaces between songs by talking about shit, social issues, and whatever comes to us. Myths About Irish Water ( by […]

The Anti-Broadcast LIVE From The Shed (08-10-2014)

Join Howard from the shed at the back of his home – a place that surprisingly turns out to be a superior location for the purpose of a marginally-entertaining radio show. In this episode the coming 3rd world war, water charges, Ingress, and general station happenings are discussed. A few interesting musical acts also. Sources […]

M.G.T.O.W. Declares War on MGTOW (Video + Transcript)

A day or so ago I recorded a video for YouTube which I called “The Demise of M.G.T.O.W.”, in it I reminded people of the definition of M.G.T.O.W. as per the founding document published in 2001 by the originators of the IDEA, and distinguished it from M.G.T.O.W., calling it the bastardised form of M.G.T.O.W. I […]

Resistance Contains Enlightenment in West Ireland Cell

To kick off Spring of 2015, the Resistance has successfully blocked Enlightenment links to the South of the cell, isolating Limerick. With the help of blockers between Tismean Shelter and South Galway, the Resistance has been able to establish many multi-layered fields. The Resistance has once again proven itself to be infinitely more resourceful than […]

How the Infidels Can Save Civilization: Traditional Irish & American Indian Law

Editors Note: Originally published in 2001 for “BREHON LAW PROJECT SYMPOSIUM” in Ireland. I found this article, destined to be lost in time as it was hidden on a downloadable .doc file, it wasn’t very well formatted for the Human eye, and the original author lost it in an unfortunate spring deletion spree. I haven’t […]

Nightcrawler (2014)

The 21st Century’s answer to “American Psycho”. This time around the viewer doesn’t have the relief at the end where it turns out to be fantasies in the protagonist’s head. With Nightcrawler you are simply left with a truly psychopathic create who got his own way in the end. Like all good movies, this wasn’t […]

Filth (2013)

I’ve had two very distinct experiences with this movie – first I thought it was hilarious, but then I became inebriated and watched it again with Francesca, and it was positively horrifying. This is the story of a man who’s lost his mind and is running from his demons, causing him to descend into depravity […]

Dead Poet’s Society (1989)

“O me! O life!… of the questions of these recurring; of the endless trains of the faithless… of cities filled with the foolish; what good amid these, O me, O life? Answer. That you are here – that life exists, and identity; that the powerful play goes on and you may contribute a verse.” After […]

Why I Wouldn’t Pay for Ingress

“Sorry man, I can’t take Ingress seriously anymore” were the words of Kobevader when it was revealed to him that AXA Insurance have sponsored their own Portal mod: The AXA Shield, for extra reassurance. The sentiment was accompanied by a link to the below video. Now, Kobevader is a heck of a lot more puritanical […]

Ingress -First Contact

At approximately 19:05 pm on Sunday, my android phone suddenly rang, & a familiar icon displayed across the top of its screen – the Ingress application was alerting me that the portal which I had only recently hacked & deployed resonators unto was being attacked by a member of the game’s opposite faction, an ‘Enlightened’ […]