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Table of Contents: Terms of Service, Cookies/Privacy, Patron Program

Terms of Service

This website and its radio services come with very few terms of use. All functionalities and services are to be accepted as-is. The statements and opinions expressed anywhere on this platform are strictly the responsibility of the listener, host, guest, content, artist or author who expresses them unless EV Radio explicitly says otherwise.

If an account is registered on this website, no extra data is stored about you except for that data which you provide us (email address etc). Any activity performed by you on our website or other services must comply with your local laws, Republic of Ireland laws, United States laws, and all applicable international laws. Any use of the website we find that contravenes these laws or otherwise infringes on common decency will result in termination of a user’s services, or a temporary suspension (at our discretion).

Cookies & Your Privacy/Data

By using this site you, our visitor, must accept that it contains LIMITED COOKIES. If you don’t like being tracked in any way, visit donttrack.us, consider using Brave Browser instead, or install uBlock Origin on your current browser.  EV Radio does not like tracking (or letting other entities track) your Internet activity, so we don’t track you outside of our website and other services, will endeavor to 3rd party keep cookies to a minimum. The truth is that the EU is run by a bunch of boomers who probably can’t even get Facebook working, and so don’t understand how interconnected the Internet is or how common cookies are to browser function. Ultimately, it’s up to you to protect your privacy.

Our cookies on this website and our other services collect your IP Address, your Operating System, and Browser name (e.g. Firefox, Chrome, etc) purely for the purposes of identifying the following: where traffic is coming from, whether that traffic is legitimate (e.g. not bots or attacks), the average visit duration. This is all aggregated anonymously and all personally-identifiable information is discarded each calendar month for security.

Patron Program

All Patron accounts come with zero assurance of extra services unless explicitly stated otherwise in the Patron Levels descriptions. Becoming a Patron gives no legal or ownership rights, or rights over content production.