C-19 Vaccine Injuries & Consensus Trance – Do You Comply?
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December and January has seen frightening levels of injury from the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines. Join Howard and Morgan as they discuss the fallout in depth and more from the nonsense news cycle.

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Vaccine Injury Notes

At the time of this broadcast only the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines are available, with the Oxford vaccine on its way. ALL of the information below is from mainstream or government sources. Beware media “fact checkers” – they’ll use their old trick of targeting one news story as if we’re claiming it proves the vaccines unsafe in isolation.

We’re being told by several doctors and scientists working with governments that the vaccine won’t stop you contracting or spreading the virus – keep this in mind as we proceed.

“Vaccine Hesitancy” amoung medical staff

Depending on country, roughly between 40 and 70% of nursing staff don’t want the jab, with doctors coming in at roughly 20% below that figure – they call this “vaccine hesitancy.” We need to ask ourselves why we’re only seeing figures around 10% of “hesitancy” in the general population. What do the health professionals know that we don’t?

Nurses, No Guinea Pigs! 87,000 Healthcare Workers In Netherlands Refuse Covid-19 Vaccine

87,000 nurses in Holland equates to roughly 50% if we’re going off of the latest (2017) government figures.

Vaccine rollout hits snag as health workers balk at shots

Healthcare Workers Have Priority for COVID-19 Vaccine, but Some Are Refusing to Take It

The above are simply examples of a world-wide attitude amoung nursing staff. One hospital (at least) has resorted to bribery in the United States to circumvent this issue.

Houston hospital offers workers $500 to get COVID-19 vaccine

First Signs of Vaccine Injury

Covid-19 outbreak at Hamilton care home first to receive vaccine

A care home in Hamilton, Scotland, received the Pfizer vaccine and administered it to 51 residents starting in December 14th. Abercorn House has 58 bedrooms, so 7 or less had not been vaccinated.

By January 10th, Glasgow Live and The Daily Record reported an outbreak of the Corunka Wirus. No details of how many cases amoung the 51 to 58 residents and staff.

2 Alaska Health Workers Got Emergency Treatment After Receiving Pfizer’s Vaccine

With a little bit of math, the above incident in Alaska equates to at least a 1.3% serious adverse reaction rate. An unacceptable rate if we’re expecting to vaccinate the world and still keep our healthcare system from crumbling.

3,150 Injuries in First Week of Illegal Experimental COVID Vaccines Among American Healthcare Workers! Pregnant Women Included

According to the referenced CDC report from mid-December, there is a 2.3% adverse reaction rate across the country – even deadlier.

Mexican doctor hospitalized after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

‘Healthy’ South Florida doctor died 2 weeks after receiving COVID-19 vaccine

The above may seem inconsequentially unique incidents, but as of this podcast publishing date (19/01/2021) Ireland has lost at least 2 doctors quickly after they received the jab. This is part of a larger pattern.

Irish Public Sector Crumbles

HSE calls close contacts back into work with more than 7,000 health staff absent
Senior garda ordered members to return to work despite being close contacts

There are just too many of our civil servants being dismissed from work simply for having been in close contact with those testing positive OR those who were in close contact with those testing positive OR god knows where this “logic” ends.