Ireland’s Vaccine Rollout, Transhumanism, & The Green Agenda
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Time to roll up your sleeves or “roll up your sleeves”! Howard and Morgan discuss the details of Ireland’s plan to vaccinate the nation, the technocratic/transhumanist take-over and The Green Agenda.


Health Service Executive’s Vaccine Program

COVID-19 Vaccination Strategy and Implementation Plan

Archive of Vaccine Strategy (21-12-2020)

Archive of Vaccine Implemtentation Plan (21-12-2020)

National COVID -19 Vaccination Programme Implementation Plan

· The National COVID -19 Vaccination Programme Implementation Plan document is a living document which will be updated on a continuous basis. (Winging it – Rushing the Vaccine, Shuuuure we will deal with any complications if they come about, it will be grand like….

· CMA to be granted (Conditional Marketing Authorisation) State will be liable for any ill effects of the Vaccine. (i.e., the taxpayer) Long term effects of an experimental vaccine cannot be known.

· Eu has signed 6 Advanced Purchase Agreements with Pharmaceutical companies – At the time of writing Irish government has signed up to 5 of the APA’s and has signalled its intention to sign up to a sixth when trail data emerges. (Question to audience, “Who has read the trial data”?)

· Ireland to receive 14.4 million doses based on APAs signed to date. (How much is all this costing? Astra Zenica $3 – $4 dollars a dose, Moderna – $50 – $60 per course of 2 jabs, China’s Sinovac selling its doses $60 for 2 shots.

Pharma Companies

1. AstraZeneca – Non replicating Viral Vector – 2 Doses – Approx Allocation 3.3 Million – Earliest Delivery Date – Jan 2021 – Link to info on Non replicating Vaccines –

2. Sanofi / GSK – Protein subunit – 2 Doses – Approx Allocation 3.3 Million Doses – Earliest Delivery – July 2021 –

3. J&J – Non-Replicating Viral Vector – 1 Dose – Approx Allocation 2.2 Million Doses – TBC

4. Curevac – mRNA – 2Doses – 2.475 Million Doses – Feb 21 –

5. Moderna – mRNA – 2 Doses – 880,000 – Jan 21 (Subject to Eu approval)

6. NioNTech/Pfizer – 2 Doses – 2.2 Million Doses – Jan 2021 – (Currently being rolled out in the uk- Need to be stored at -70 – -80 celcius (Following a controlled temp adjustment process vaccine can be store at normal fridge temp while retaining its effectiveness for a period of 120 hours.

Zenica €60 Million Dollars – Moderna – €355 Million Sinova – 426 Million (Cost of logistics, storage, IT systems, training, consulting, PR not included)

Allocation Strategy

· National Immunisation Advisory Council in conjunction with the department of health and National Public Health Advisory Team made recommendations that were approved on the 8th of December based on “clinical priorities and ethical values, principally it ensures the most vulnerable people in our society and those at the highest risk of contracting COVID-19 are prioritised for vaccination.

· First to go – The old and infirm, healthcare workers, those aged over 70 but in general good health, other healthcare workers not in direct contact, 65-69 with medical conditions, key workers, 18-64 with medical conditions….

How the Program will work

· We will copy what the UK does!

· Take Delivery from Manufacturer – Central Storage Location – Transport to Large Scale health centres – Transport of Vaccine doses from community hubs to each LTC facility using mobile units (More commonly know as Vans!) – Resident of Long-term care will be vaccinated as an initial priority.

· Mass vaccination Sites: City West Hotel in Dublin – National Exhibition Centre –

· Government to Choose 1 – Logistics Partner (COST)?

Current Areas of Special Focus

· IT Infrastructure: We aint got none!! For efficiency of scale, safety and accurate record keeping and reporting it is critical that the end-to-end process is systematically enabled, and key data elements are captured at the time of execution of each phase within a comprehensive IT system.

|” A Key challenge to the enablement process is that Ireland does not have a national vaccination ICT system with the required level of functionality to support the COVID-19 19 Roll out. Therefore, we will purchase an out of the box solution for an exorbitant amount of money with the functionality of retarded juggler. (COST A FUCKING FORTUNE)

The Workforce

Under current regulations, medical, nursing, and dental professionals, hiring a plethora of additional staff.


A comprehensive communications strategy and plan has been developed to support the Covid-19 Vaccination program.

Communications to be informed by the following principals

· Risk

2 Main Phases

1. Preparing for the Vaccine. Talking to the safety and regulatory process that are taking place in Ireland, Europe and Across the World. Engaging with people who have genuine hesitancies around the vaccine. (Clever measured approach, will that change with low uptake)

2. Execution of the Vaccine. National and local communication from medics encouraging the public to get the vaccine, identifying people of trust to act as ambassadors for the vaccine.

“As part of the approach to building confidence public health doctors will address misinformation which appears on social media and across DARK WEB, pointing people to trusted sources of information including and

Risks: Descriptions & Risk Management Activity

Low adoption: Adoption rates in certain cohorts may be lower than envisaged and there is a risk that this is further exacerbated by misinformation in the public domain. An ongoing communications campaign will consistently reinforce public health messaging about trust in the vaccine and providing factual information about the vaccine process and its role as part of wider public health measures.

Communications : There is a risk that the communications campaign is not effective in a) the key message to support the required uptake (75% of the population was vaccinated against COVID-19 then the vaccine would need to have an effectiveness of 80% to “extinguish an ongoing epidemic”) A recent IPSOS survey for the WEF has shown that of 20,000 adults from 27 different countries, 74% said they would accept a COVID-19 vaccine. It also found a large variation in acceptance levels across countries, ranging from 97% in China to 54% in Russia. Don’t have figures to hand for Ireland.

The communications team will continue to engage with the public to measure to measure public sentiment and with the behavioral experts to understand the communication needs.

A serious adverse event or Quality Defect Occurs: The emergence of a very serious unforeseen event. KILLER ZOMBIES – SCREAM FOR HELP!!