Jerry From Congo & the Wuhan Lab
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This week we talk to a Congolese guy who has lived in Ireland for 20+ years, Morgan has employment issues, and we discuss the Wuhan lab that was researching gain-of-function before the covid pandemic.

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‘Lovely to have it done’ – Vaccinations start for over-85s

Cabinet signs off on plan for GPs and pharmacists to vaccinate 1.5 million people

The GP plan would cover the administration of the Covid-19 vaccines in GP surgeries, and in mass vaccination centres further down the line.
They would be paid €25 for administering each dose of the vaccine with an additional one-off €10 processing fee per patient. That is €60 for two doses and €35 for one dose.
In total, GPs and pharmacists would be paid €60 per patient under this vaccination plan. GPs working in mass vaccination centres will be paid €120 per hour.
The government says deal with GPs and pharmacists will be “good value for money” despite UK GPs getting paid £12 per jab administered.

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