Howard Crane

The Yellow Bellies & the Beauty Salon

This is Article 41.1.1 of the current Irish Constitution. It’s also what Christine McTiernan used yesterday as legal defense of her opening her Dublin business. If that makes sense to you, please keep reading.

Orwellian Media Thinks You’re an Idiot – Are You?

Orwellian media lies

Admittedly, I’d have looked at’s reports of ambulance queues and Margaret Keenan being picked up from hospital by her children and took it at face value, and I’d consider myself to be more critical of the media than most.

Upstream Color – An Intriguing but Overly Cryptic Narrative

The film’s creator (Shane Currath) and his audience pride themselves on not needing ANY exposition whatsoever. It’s actually an impressive achievement, with about 10 minutes of dialogue out of 93 minutes total. If that’s enough of a draw for you, stop reading and go watch it – it is actually a good immersive and dreamlike experience.

Feck the Constitution

It’s a physical object with an unwritten expiry date, evidenced by the fact that every constitution eventually fails its people. Belief in this object must be continually maintenanced through the indoctrination of each new generation, not unlike our indoctrination into Christianity or the Chinese youth into Communism.

Corunka Wirus & the Spiritual Desert

In the early 1500s much of France was gripped by an horrifically repressive form of Christianity (Calvinism), likely causing so much psychological stress for the people of Alsace, that one woman dancing dileriously in the streets triggered “The Dancing Plague”. Upon seeing this woman, others joined in the continuous dancing, likely including hundreds of people Corunka Wirus & the Spiritual Desert

Our Fetishisation of Protest

Prefer to listen? Play the video above. The week after this, of August 6th, Ireland slips further down the bottomless chasm of bondage and Fascism with the introduction of yet more ridiculous Covid-19 measures and an extension of equally nonsensical commercial restrictions. Last week, a homeless person died on our streets every day. A paedophile Our Fetishisation of Protest

The Gradual Sexualisation of Children

In the periphery of our vision children are coming to be seen and consequently accepted as sexual beings. Our environment is being slowly altered to facilitate that change and what older generations find offensive, the younger generations will have grown up surrounded by and take for granted.

Who Are These Online Groomers?

Judging by the frequency of stings by Ireland and Britain’s “paedophile hunters” it seems the issue of child grooming online is an epidemic, or at the very least much worse than most of us have thought. Who are these vile pieces of garbage and what are their motivations?

Future Man – Hulu’s Comedic Sci-Fi Homage

13 half-hour episodes telling the story of a gamer stuck in a go-nowhere job who mistakenly is recruited from the future to save mankind. Many genuine and quirky laughs to be had, a few hits of nostalgia for the 40s, 60s, 80s, and 90s, as well as homages to our favourite sci-fi hits.