Tonight on The Anti-Broadcast – We’re All Misdiagnosed – About C-PTSD

Tonight on the The Anti-Broadcast we discuss the greatest pandemic facing Humanity – and the one at the root of almost every other pandemic – C-PTSD or Complex-Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. Cleverly masked by the white magicians of the AMA in their Diagnostics and Statistical Manual as an endlessly-growing array of personality disorders, currently occupying 947 pages.

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This episode will be dedicated to starting a new trend for The Anti-Broadcast, focusing on self-empowerment and love through the lenses of Personalist and Existentialist philosophy, authentic spirituality and magic, and Existential Psychology. Stay tuned for future shows as we seek out the experts and great thinkers in these fields.


Pirate “Radio Caroline” Returns – Legitimately, After 25 Years

The British radio regulator, Ofcom, has awarded Radio Caroline a limited AM broadcasting license in the Essex area after it had vanished from the airwaves in 1991 following the shipwrecking of the MV Ross Revenge (pictured above) and several International raids.

Broadcasting since 1964 when the only broadcaster was the BBC, Radio Caroline served the Essex Area with non-stop pop music and resisted predatory legislation and violent raids, only to come back again and again, and become rebroadcast from stations around the world as well as digital channels.

Radio Caroline and its host pirate ship, MV Ross Revenge, are a part of both British and world broadcasting history, and this year it has been officially recognised as such.

A date for the station’s return to terrestrial radio is yet to be announced.

Introducing: EV Radio 4.0!

With the advent of the Autumn, friendship and good listening is all the more important. So EV Radio returns with a sleeker site design and an improved listening experience.

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