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Our flagship radio show broadcast from West Ireland featuring a variety of music, current events, and all your favourite characters from the EVRadio universe.

Questions of Gender and Transgenderism w/ guest Exulansic – EP066

Howard and Morgan start off the show discussing the anniversary Ireland’s long-standing smoking ban and the recent Puff Daddy/Sean Combs allegations, then at 29 minutes 30 seconds they’re joined by Exulansic for a conversation about her history with the transgender community, as well as the multiple dangers, both phyiscal and mental, of transgenderism.

Guest: Exulansic

TT Exulansic is a former trans-identified person with a storeyed past in academia and activism. She holds a Masters in Speech-Language Pathology and Early Childhood Language, and has worked in those fields. She also holds a Bachelors in Gender and Women’s Studies and a 2nd Major in Linguisitics. She’s also an autodidact with a powerful ability to retain and recall information, which has helped her in broadening her approach to her various fields of interest. After seeing the effects of transgenderism in her friends and fellow Feminists, she became outspoken on the harms of the practice, which we spoke to her about on the show.

Exulansic being a Feminist, we would naturally have some fundamental disagreements with her worldview, which is why we were very excited to talk to her, with a shared common concern as a jumping-off point.

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Post-Referendum Elation – EP065 – Early Signs of Varadkar’s Resignation

After celebrating the recent No-No vote for the “Family” and “Care” referenda, Howard and Morgan discusses Leo Varadkar and the government having a meltdown, the only solution to lasting peace in Palestine, France threatens war in Russia and Macron immediately backtracks in the face of backlash, Dublin’s migrant tent city, and so much more.

Pre-Referendum Meltdown – EP064 – Slippery Slopes, Alec Baldwin Shooting, & Guest

In this episode recorded on the night of the referendum on “Care” and “Family”, Howard and Morgan commiserate on the fear of a Yes-Yes vote as well as the possibly misplaced hope of a No-No vote. They also discuss the shit-show trial of Hannah Gutierez Reed for her part in the fatal shooting on the set of “Rust”.

Guest: Mike from the “One Mic” Podcast

At the 2 hour 40 minute mark we have Mike from the “One Mic” podcast, a podcast about various aspects of African-American culture and history. When we heard Mike’s podcast we were impressed with the wide range of subjects, the detail, and the quality of presentation (a rarity in the podcast world), so we had to have him on for a chat! We discussed identity, history, and parallels and meeting points between African-Americans and the Irish.

One Mic History

NO STEP ON MANDOLIN – EP062 – Cultural Replacement, Marriage Hell, & Shrinking Scrotums

This episode is a long-haul flight, standing at 8 hours. In it, Howard and Morgan bring on Tony of Tony’s Tunes to acknowledge his contribution to the station over the years; a Muslim woman telling the Irish to stop making jokes; Karl from WATP’s probable marriage issues; Howard’s scrotum malfunctions; and Ireland’s leading prostitute advertising site.

Growing Old in a World of Pipe Bomb Fridge Migrants – EP061

In this episode the lads start the show with the cheerful topic of watching everyone around you suddenly get old, the bomb that partially exploded in a Dublin homeless hostel, the escapee migrants who stowed away in a refridgerated truck, and so much more.

Christmas Drunks and Immigrant Punks – EP060

In this episode Howard and Morgan discuss how devout Muslims go to the toilet, the value of religion in their lives and the possibility of joining the Orthodox Church, and all other kinds of ridiculousness.

Christmas Craic, Free Speech Fables, and Brehon Beats – EP059

This episode we discuss the value of Christmas, Free Speech, and what’s left of the Irish Constitution.

Anarchy in the RoI – EP058 – Ireland Responds to Child Murder With Violence

The day after Ireland’s October 7th, where buses, trams, cars, Garda (police) cars, and a hotel for migrants were burned down and Gardaí were attacked in response to the stabbing of 3 children and a woman outside a creche, we cover the most important questions – what started it, what made it explode, and what are the reactions in Ireland and around the world?
We also cover Morgan’s disastrous appearance on The Niall Boylan Podcast, which Niall loses his fucking mind at Morgan and gangs up on him with the help of a listener.

Dublin since went onto go through further unrest after Thursday’s riot, with at least one incident involving a bus being burned, literally, to the ground.

Saving Women From the Pushka – EP057

In this episode, we delve into the conviction of Ashling Murphey’s killer, Jozef Puska, and examine the resurgence of misandry (hatred of males) that followed. We explore the true needs of women for safety in Ireland. Later, we discuss Senator Lynn Ruane’s controversial treatment of a volunteer at a Committee hearing and her mentorship under Katherine Zappone.

Join us for these topics and more.

Work Makes Downys Free – EP055

In this episode Howard and Morgan discuss Leo Varadkar staring at a hurler’s arse, RTÉ and NGOs forcing Down Syndrome people into the workplace, the PSNI data breach(es), and UK cops traumatising a 16 year old with Autism for being socially awkward.

Morgan also gives a presentation on Kai the Hitchhiker and where he is now (in prison), discussing how he’s prime material for a cult leader.