The Anti-Broadcast

Our flagship radio show broadcast from West Ireland featuring a variety of music, current events, and all your favourite characters from the EVRadio universe.

Garda Brutality & Kinnegad Burning – EP049 Part 2

In this second part of episode 49, the lads discuss police brutality and corruption, and the issue of a small Irish town having dozens of migrants planted in their one hotel with no community resources to support them. The battle for justice continues in Kinnegad as cultures clash with scary results.

BONDing With Jesse Lee Peterson – EP049 Part 1

The guys tackle and dismantle the slanderous claims against Jesse Lee Peterson put forward by “Church Militant”, discuss the idea that grown men can be groomed, and then go on to discuss the new comprehensive sex education being introduced in Irish Secondary Schools and, soon, Primary Schools.

We’ll Convert Your Children – EP048 Part 2

In this second part Howard and Sean discuss the creeping groomer agenda. As it’s late in the show, they go back to discussing Johnny Depp and how the rich/famous relate to life.

Season of Woke Own-Goals – EP048 Part 1

This episode Howard and Sean lament the absence of their co-host Morgan, but then swiftly forget about him as they delve into the madness that is CURRENT DATE – Woke over-reaches have triggered a backlash, and White Pills are on sale at affordable prices for all. Big on the agenda is Sean’s legal and Howard’s criminal/dyfunctional closing thoughts on the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial.

Atlanta Sucks EP 047 Part 2

In this second part we carry on talking more about Amber Heard’s lies and exaggerations, older people standing up for what they believe is right, and Sean’s new-found faith.

Climate Change Abused Amber Heard – EP 047 Part 1

This week Howard, Morgan, and Sean discuss our duty to the world and how the first half of the Johnny Depp v Amber Heard trial is going. The conversation then develops into sex relations and how to foster a healthy relationship.

Depp v Heard, War is Over, The Great Replacement #046

This week Howard and Sean discuss the developments in the Johnny Depp defamation case with the help of Sean’s law degree and later discuss The Great Replacement spurred on by the war in Ukraine.

Perception of Crime and Women – Should They Be Afraid? EP045 Part 2

After our conversation with Ryan we discuss the plague of Cultural Marxism/Critial Theory in the workplace and beyond, as well as how the perception of crime in Ireland far out-strips the reality of it… and of course, the tragedy of Ashling Murphy is brought up. Should women feel afraid?

Single-parenthood Encouraged by the Irish State? w/ Ryan Thompson EP045 Part 1

For the 10th Anniversary show of EV Radio we’re joined by Ryan Thompson, an American who lived for a time in Ireland, on his unique perspective where we ask the question: is the Irish state promoting singlemotherhood, possibly as a method of population control? Later, the guys get into questions of crime, perceptions of crime, statistics, and Universal Love. And of course, the past decade of EVRN is discussed.

Sharia Law is Awesome. Bring it Here! EP044 Part 2

In the second part of the September 16th show, Howard and Morgan discuss the benefits Sharia Law could bring to Ireland, conspiracy theories, life, and death.