The Anti-Broadcast

Our flagship radio show broadcast from West Ireland featuring a variety of music, current events, and all your favourite characters from the EVRadio universe.

Spider Mother Says Don’t Tell Mommy or Daddy – EP053 PRT 2 – Gender Transition Agenda

In this second half of episode 53, Howard and Morgan delve into the gender transition agenda.

The Battle For Sandwith Street & The Farmers of Inagh – EP053 PRT 1 – Refugees Welcome Everywhere

In this episode Howard and Morgan break down the events of May 12th in Sandwith Street, Dublin City, which seems to have marked the beginning of a national pushback against the flooding of Ireland with refugees and other migrants.

Scammy Davis Jnr and Dublin South FM – EP052 Part 2 – Pulling Apart Joe

In this marathon 2nd half of the show, the lads delve deeper into the scammy ways of Seyi Agbede and later turn their sights on Dublin South FM, and their flagship show, “Business Eye.”

American Presidents and Nigerian Princes – EP052 Part 1 – The Exploits of Seyi Agbede

In this episode Howard starts out discussing the President Biden visit to Ireland and why we should have told him not to come. Morgan joins the discussion 20 minutes in, and later they discuss and showcase the exploits of Seyi Agbede – Primary School teacher, personal life coach, and now an Agent of Change in Ireland.

Ireland Hates the Travelers and Poor – EP051 PRT 2

Howard and Morgan discuss trash journalism, trash science, and the Irish state’s hatred of the underprivileged and the Traveling community.

New Year’s Revolutions – EP051 PRT 1

Howard and Morgan return for their first show of 2023 – Morgan addresses our regular chat member directly, the forgotten parts of Dublin rise up against the environmental bigotry of the Irish government, and Drew Harris’ Gardaí fake a “Far Right Dissident Republican terrorist” arrest

The Shared Indo-European Practices of Power EP050 PRT 2 – Rituals and Incantations Control Reality

Howard is joined by old friend of the show, Patrick, to discuss the ancient rituals and practices of Indo-European power classes to maintain their power, as well as the relationship between that shared identity and issues of race.

An “Adult Conversation” About Ireland – EP050 PRT 1 – East Wall, Immigration, and Critical Race Theory

Howard and Morgan summarise the East Wall rebellion and speculate on what it means for Ireland, and analyse the ridiculous “debate” between John McGuirk and Ebun Joseph on the proposed name change of Trinity’s Berkeley Library.

Garda Brutality & Kinnegad Burning – EP049 Part 2

In this second part of episode 49, the lads discuss police brutality and corruption, and the issue of a small Irish town having dozens of migrants planted in their one hotel with no community resources to support them. The battle for justice continues in Kinnegad as cultures clash with scary results.

BONDing With Jesse Lee Peterson – EP049 Part 1

The guys tackle and dismantle the slanderous claims against Jesse Lee Peterson put forward by “Church Militant”, discuss the idea that grown men can be groomed, and then go on to discuss the new comprehensive sex education being introduced in Irish Secondary Schools and, soon, Primary Schools.