Submit Your Music for Play on EVRadio

EV Radio's mission is to expose people to new experiences that they may enjoy and be stimulated by. Part of this is acting as a curated hub for music from artists that otherwise get lost in the saturated market. Use the form to the right to tell us who you are, what you do, where to find you, and send your music. Submissions will be reviewed by us all as a team, so please don't be offended if we choose not to use what you send. Also, please don't let that possibility scare you. Note: Feel free to ask us to remove your music at any time. Simply contact us.


  1. Your Name: Real, pseudonym, or band name is fine.
  2. Your Email: So we can reply.
  3. Your Message: Tell us a bit about yourself and mention any other important. details
  4. Send File: We accept mp3 or multiple audio files (and album art if possible) in zip or rar files.
  5. Where to link to: A link that will be displayed on our site accompanying your tracks - either to somewhere to buy your music or to your social media.
Alternatively, you can provide multiple links to purchase, social media, album art, or music downloads.

What We Accept

We accept four categories that pretty much cover everything:
  • Rock, Folk, Indie, Hip Hop, Comedic - played during the day.
  • Trance, liquid etc - played in the evening.
  • EDM, Techno etc - Played early nights.
  • Breaks, Dubstep, Hardstyle - played late nights.