Tonight on The Anti-Broadcast

Tonight @ 9PM IST, join Howard and Friends for the weekly Anti-Broadcast. Call in or email the show but don’t forget to join us on the Livestream page to follow the show together.

Be Reminded as the show starts, RSVP to the Facebook Event.


Note: The is The Anti-Broadcast, so topics are liable to change depending on Howard’s mood and input from you, the listener.

The Bicycle Hoax Continued & EU Transport Draconianism

On last week’s show we discussed the media narrative in Britain and Ireland convincing us t0 allow crazy legislation concerning BICYCLES to be passed in the name of “safety.” We’ll continue to look at the already existing legislation confining our right to travel.

Korea, Trump, and Saber Rattling DISTRACTION

Why are we so consumed by all of this? Is it important? Does our giving a shit make the situation better or worse?

The Irish Brew Review

Throughout the night, Howard will be tasting and reviewing beers, lagers, ales, and stouts from the new range of (allegedly) small and independent brewing companies that have popped up.

This week we have:

  • Fir Bolg from Munster Brewery. An unpasturized and unfiltered hoppy lager made in Cork, sporting the name of the legendary early Irish tribe of “the men of the bag.”
  • Kerry Lane Pale Ale from Cotton Ball Brewing Co. also from Cork. It claims to be a perfect hoppy balance between bitter and sweet. Sounds terrible, but we’ll see!
  • Twelve Towers Irish Red Ale from Munster Brewery. An earthy hop with fruity flavours. Named after the walls surrounding the old town of Youghal.
  • Justice Pale Ale from Kelly’s Mountain Brew. Allegedly can be paired with any food and has a biscuity and malt flavour.
  • Stout from Independent Brewing. Gotta love a bottle of booze that’s just called STOUT. It says it’s milky with hints of chocolate, coffee, and vanilla. Sounds lovely.

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