The Yellow Bellies & the Beauty Salon

The State recognises the Family as the natural primary and fundamental unit group of Society, and as a moral institution possessing inalienable and imprescriptible rights, antecedent and superior to all positive law.

This is Article 41.1.1 of the current Irish Constitution. It’s also what Christine McTiernan used yesterday as legal defense of her opening her Dublin business. If that makes sense to you, please keep reading.

Christine’s Constitutional Battle

For those unaware of how a Constitution effects our daily lives, it is through a series of interpretations either by the Supreme Court, when hearing a case defense or prosecution, or the President in the process of his accepting or rejecting new legislation. Today our common and Supreme Court interpretation of Article 41.1.1 specifically speaks to a married or co-habitating couple and their children – if they have any. It says nothing about the operating of a business – I assume Christine’s argument is her right to feed and shelter her family. It’s not inconceivable for a judge to rule in her favour, but the responsibility will be on Christine to set this precedent – at considerable cost and distress to herself. At that rate, it would be easier to expand on the Ryan v Attorney General judgement on Article 40 that guarantees bodily integrity.

Christine and the Yellow Vests

I don’t want to defame anyone in this essay, so I’d like to invoke the Constitution myself – Article 40.6.1.i as these are my personal convictions and opinions. I’m also open to being straight up wrong as I am no acquainted with any of these people and I don’t live inside their heads.

It appears Christine McTiernan is being used as a political pawn by somebody, as well as Yellow Vests Ireland as a group, to possibly further personal careers as well as the happy side benefit of breaking this year-long Fascistic lockdown. Since lockdown #3 was announced in December, there has been a growing sentiment that business owners hold the cards when it comes to breaking Ireland out of this meaningless cycle – the sentiment only increased as we watched Italy, Poland, and Holland etc, successfully overthrow the covid regulations by sheer force of businesses opening and feet on the street in support. But as it happens with everything of real political and historical consequence, the linguistic and water barrier meant that fever didn’t arrive on our shores. It would have to be homegrown. Somebody had to be the first to deliberately and loudly open – this is what Christine McTiernan did. How much of this was her original idea is up for discussion, but the fact she’s waving around this nonsensical constitutional argument makes a clear link between her, Ben “Great Reset” Gilroy and the Yellow Vests – all of whom were there for her first opening. I say “Great Reset” Gilroy because he’s the genesis of this argument – I saw him quote it at least mid-2020 in response to every misfortune from losing your home to being compelled to wear a mask.

As I said earlier, Christine is in a tough position now. Either she appears before court, pays a fine, and/or goes to prison, OR she can appeal this in the Supreme Court at considerable expense. As I write this on Wednesday, Yellow Vests are outside the Garda Station in Balbriggan protesting her detainment. This is what the Yellow Bellies call support. When asked if the group will pay her legal fees, a senior member of Yellow Bellies on Facebook has said Christine made the decision all by herself. The question was repeated and he fled from the conversation, citing “Paypal trolls”. This may seem like a ridiculous expectation to some people, but exposure and ad revenue has been earned off the back of her stunt and, as Yellow Bellies appear to be active on the scene, they will draw even more donations than usual. This is clearly a collaborative effort and, if I were Christine, I would feel shafted.
Furthermore, if the Yellow Bellies want to be at the forefront of the revolution they should use that collected money strategically – protests with banners, placards, and sound systems have shown themselves to be 100% ineffective in changing government policy or public perception. They’re pleasant days out for the weekend warriors. Opportunities for the comfort class and unemployed to feel like they’re contributing to something. We know this because there haven’t been any such protests since last September – it got too cold. Where money would strategically matter is setting this pie-in-the-sky moonshot Supreme Court precedent that says Article 41.1.1 means a person can operate a business during a national emergency in order to feed their family.

“Yellow Vests Ireland” AKA Yellow Bellies

These players are suspect. The Yellow Bellies, for instance, share a registered address with Sinn Féin in Dublin and have done nothing to address the issue except for one statement which read like this:

“We know people are saying something scandalous about us. But look at this horrible government and all the other terrible things going on, blah blah blah, Yellow Vests is about doing the thing and getting it done, yadda yadda”

So, a non-apology and non-explanation, barely even recognising there was a serious concern that needed addressing. Again, I invoke Article 40.6.1.i – what I said is my direct experience being a follower of Yellow Vests Ireland on Facebook and having searched for a rebuttal. If I’m wrong about this, I’ll be an adult and I’ll loudly and clearly apologise.

Ben “Great Reset” Gilroy

Ben “Great Reset” Gilroy doesn’t need my apology, though. Anyone with a sense of what is going on at the global level concerning this pandemic and lockdown was probably scared away from the anti-lockdown movement when, in August 2020, Mr. Gilroy got on the microphone at the first protest in Dublin and made a rousing speech in which he called for a Great Reset. To my knowledge, no further explanation was given to what this Great Reset might look like or how he suggests we go about it. The only two options left are THE Great Reset a la Klaus Schwab or a revolution a la revolutionary France or Maoist China where the old guard in all the institutions are removed from their position. Such ideas of overthrowing our current globally entrenched regimes reminds me of South Park’s Underpands Gnomes.

  • Phase 1: Collect Underpands
  • Phase 2: ???
  • Phase 3: PROFIT!

It’s dangerous. And so is Ben Gilroy, if we manages to drum up any more support outside of the small amount of sway he normally enjoys.


I try my best to point to something positive or a real solution whenever I criticise someone else. Regardless of the circumstances, Christine McTiernan has my respect, as well as her customer who was also arrested today. I would personally contribute to her legal fees if I had assurance that my money would not end up in the hands of the aforementioned jokers. Christine set a social precedent which many businesses are now going to take advantage of over the next two months and going forward. What we must all do now is refrain from insulting ALL business owners who refuse to open and keep our eyes open for those who do open in our locality. Go be a customer – spend more money than you normally would. Tell your friends and family, like and share their social media presence.

This is how we win