Update: Wagner’s Mutiny is Over – WWIII Prelude News 24/06/2023

The past 15 or so hours have been a fever dream, apparently. Earlier today I detailed the events up until the afternoon, which should make for interesting reading.

Pictured above: Rostov arena displaying a ticker message, reading: “We are all one people and we are fighting with one external enemy. We believe in the Russian people and our president.”

  • Reports of bloodshed between Wagner and Russian regular forces are largely unsubstantiated. The only recognised hostilities were the three helicopters shot down by Wagner over Rostov-on-Don during their otherwise peaceful capture of this southern HQ of military operations.
  • Wagner hoped to capture Defense Minister Shoigu at this base, but he had moved before they arrived.
  • Official numbers for the Wagner Group is at 25,000, while other sources from all sides in the Ukraine conflict claim it’s at 50,000. A number of these forces were sent on the long trek to Moscow to enforce their demands. The group lacks the road hardware to move any substantial numbers such vast distances, regardless, Moscow was put into fortress mode. Highways were dug up to prevent passage. Still, no hostilities were reported.
  • Scenes of violence between civilians were witnessed in Rostov-on-Don.
  • An explosion was heard and seen near the HQ in the afternoon. This wasn’t the result of fighting or sabotage and was probably Prigozhin ordering a controlled explosion to enforce his order that civilians clear a 2km area around the base.
  • Reports of a truck filled with 4 billion Rubles was found outside the Wagner HQ in St. Petersberg.
  • The Wall Street Journal reported the United States has stalled further sanctions on Wagner out of fears of being seen as pro-Putin.
  • President Lukashenko of Belarus and President Putin were in contact at least twice during today.
  • Putin made a severe and angered speech, likening Wagner’s mutiny to the internal strife caused by the Bolshivik revolution while the country was struggling to maintain it’s footing in World War I.
  • Late tonight, Prigozhin came to terms with Lukashenko. The contents of the deal they came to aren’t for public consumption or haven’t been released yet.
  • Wagner forces were 200km away from Moscow when they finally got the order from Prigozhin to return to their bases.

What PROBABLY Happened

Earlier today I theorised in my post that this was a psyop orchestrated between Putin and Prigozhin, indeed, the whole 6 or so months of Prigozhin’s behaviour may have been a prolonged psyop to fool the Ukrainians and the West into thinking the Russians are under-supplied and disorganised on the front lines. The Pentagon leaks of earlier this year showed us that the United States and its allies (NATO, Five Eyes, the EU etc) have known how hopelessly overwhelmed the Ukrainian forces are, but they’re intent on driving these poor people to their deaths by encouraging “the counteroffensive.” Russia knows that NATO knows and they know that Ukraine doesn’t necessarily know. They also know that Zelenskyy is an unstable drug addict and his command structure is designed in such a way to give him only good news.

What better ruse than to have the founder/owner of your most famous and effective mercanary company suddenly start viciously lashing out at your own military hierarchy for a vital lack of supplies? At some point, Prigozhin complained his men (who were fighting at the Bakhmut front lines at the time) were 70% under-supplied. And what better ruse than to build up the legend of an unruly PMC owner and then have him stage a mickey mouse rebellion?

Yevgeny Prigozhin and the men who took his orders are still in a job, possibly with more money. Although he maintained his loyalty toward Putin and his government over-all, he still was guilty of mutiny as he wanted to depose the military hierarchy…. actually, scratch that.. Prigozhin is a civilian and, thus, incapable of mutiny, making this situation all the more ridiculous. Putin described it in his speech as treason, but I would call it sedition. Why no legal consequences lie ahead of Prigozhin gives me the impression my theory was correct.